Cash Flow Diary

10 Steps To Creating Wealth In Any Economy!

J. Massey didn’t get where he is today by watching a clock. An ultimate action-stepper, he moves at the speed of instruction!

Now he shares his knowledge and action steps so you can have the life you envision. J. wants you to stop wishing and make it happen quickly.

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Order Your Book & Learn How To:

  • Invest in real estate with none of your own money or credit!

  • Avoid common pitfalls that hold you back from success.

  • Shift your mindset and open yourself to new possibilities.

  • Gather a support team that rocks! (And learn who needs to be on it.)

  • Think outside the box in all your real estate deals.

  • Be courageous in all that you do. (This book isn’t just about real estate!)

J. shares his personal experiences in different areas of real estate investing. Replicate his successes and avoid his mistakes. In this very honest read, J. holds nothing back.

There is no magic wand. Being successful as a real estate investor takes hard work and determination. It takes action steps. Take one now.

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About The Author

J. Massey is an “investorpreneur” who artfully combines proven business and entrepreneurial practices with personal development into all he does as a real estate investor, business owner, author, speaker, popular podcast host, educator and coach.

J. earned a reputation in the world of real estate investing as someone skillful in identifying and solving problems. In just six years, his portfolio is more than impressive. He loves to share what he knows, which was the motivation behind his book, Cash Flow Diary: 10 Steps to CREATING WEALTH in Any Economy! Be sure to ask him about his journey, about his book and about investing.

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What People Are Saying About The Book


“J is living proof that those who are determined really can find success no matter their circumstance or stating point – he’s a true inspiration!”

– Andy Tanner, Author of The Stock Market Cash Flow: Four Pillars of Investing for Thriving in Today’s Markets


“J. Massey is an extraordinary human being with an even more extraordinary story of living, loving and daring to take a chance to build his own wealth from absolutely nothing. J’s story will inspire even the most skeptical person who is a afraid to invest and who thinks you have to have money to make money. J has proven that all it takes is honesty, integrity and determination.”

– Tom Wheelwright, best-selling author of Tax-Free Wealth and CEO/Founder of ProVision Wealth.


“J. Massey is a master Cashflow 101 game (by Robert & Kim Kiyosaki) facilitator, he can really bring great learning to a room. And watching him teach he truly has a passion for sharing his experiences, what he has learned and how to assist others.”

– Josh and Lisa Lannon, Authors of The Social Capitalist


“J.’s long arms will literally reach out of the pages to shake your shoulders and enthusiastically proclaim, ‘You CAN do it!’

– Russell Gray and Robert Helms, The Real Estate Radio Guys. Authors of Equity Happens


“J.’s Cash Flow Diary is a fantastic, action-packed read that can educate and motivate everyone — from beginners just starting out to the most seasoned professionals.”

– Simon Black, Founder, Sovereign Man


“J. Massey excels in what he does as a real estate investor and business owner because he implements success principles and takes necessary action steps to get to his goals. In the pages of his book, readers can see how he had to shift his mindset to embrace what he had to do to move from his starting point to his first goal, then his second, then third and so on. I found this to be a refreshing read, because J. leaves nothing out from his story. He talks about his mistakes, his fears, his doubts and how he overcame the odds to become the success he is today. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to make changes in his life, whether personally or professionally.”

-John Assaraf | New York Times Bestselling Author, “The Answer” and “Having It All”


“J’s wisdom and knowledge of real estate and cash flow creation is so vast and rich from real-life experience and years of studying that I trust no other person over him to guide me in my real estate endeavors.”

-Jermaine Griggs


“From my perception a real estate investor of 27 years, this is the first time I’ve ever seen something like J. Massey’s Profit Analysis Quadrant that shows the total rate of return in appreciation, depreciation, amortization and cash flow in a simple four-quadrant technique.”

– Wayne Kurtz, Chief Goals Officer. Author of several books, including: Beyond the Iron, Never Say “I Wish I Had” and Stronger Than Iron


“When you are ready to Work Positive NOW, at the Speed of Instruction, to increase your income with greater productivity so you have more time to do what you love with those you love, invest in Cash Flow Diary by J. Massey. His story coaches you to rewrite your story with a happier ending.”

– Dr. Joey Faucette, #1 Amazon author of Work Positive in a Negative World and leading Positive Success Expert.

Our coaching experience with J Massey has been everything we could have hoped for and more! J has a high expectation from his clients in terms of commitment to goals and willingness to do the work, and what he gives in return surpasses the commitment required on the client’s part. He met us where we were, listened to our goals and took us step by step through what we needed to do to accomplish these. J’s customized and transparent approach to coaching is exceptional and the value you receive is immeasurable compared to other “big box” coaching options. We met our goal, purchased 3 investments, but most importantly learned the skills and gained the confidence necessary to build upon for lasting Real Estate investment success.
Liz & Lino
I spent five years dreaming about buying property, until J. introduced me to the world of investing. Within a year, I bought my first investment—a single family house that the contractors rehabbed and then I sold at retail price, for a profit. From that point on, I was hooked! I still consider J. a life long friend and mentor. He is always finding ways to send business my way. Whenever someone in California mentions to him the words “I own real estate I want to sell” and “in Ohio,” he immediately gives them my number to get it sold! It takes someone really special to refer business and expect nothing in return.
Nathalie Mortine, Realtor, Coldwell Banker West Shell
J. Massey has provided exceptionally valuable coaching for our real estate business. He has the special ability to identify the most critical business challenges we face as a growing company, helping us think through and work out creative solutions that have been instrumental to our success.
Carlos & George,
You’ve seen me at my worst. Feeling helpless, hopeless, and worthless in spite of my past achievements. You believed in me and gave freely asking only that I keep taking steps toward realizing my vision. In getting to know you on a personal level your words now carry a special challenge for me because there can be no doubt that you’re sincere. I have had the opportunity to see you live your own ideals in a real way. I’d tell anybody that asked. Life is so curious. I’ve sold properties I’ve never seen and made thousands of dollars from a single conversation. Raising tens of millions of dollars at a party in an awkward conversation has been a surreal experience for me. But at the end of it all it’s the smile on the face of someone you love, the feeling of seeing someone take their first steps or beat the odds. It’s the human experience that truly matters more than any bank account ever could. It’s so exciting to see that you’ve put your best ideas in a book and a website. Even though I’ve done lots of things in real estate that most people think are impossible I’m completely excited to do the things in your book and see what I can learn from the process. I’m excited because I already know the brilliance and the passion you put into everything you put into your website.
Noah Withington
Our mentoring relationship with J started when we launched our real estate investment business in early 2012. J was instrumental in guiding us through the evaluation of our current portfolio and the annual goal setting process for our business. He provided us with the knowledge of many different tools to use to aid us in formulating sustainable and realistic objectives. Through his guidance we now have a clear investment philosophy, are able to evaluate real estate properties and act with the knowledge and courage consistent with our goals. As a husband and wife team, J took on the challenge of guiding two individuals with sometimes varying opinions and skill level through strategic and tactical decision making on our goals. His ability to keep both of us encouraged, challenged and engaged over the course of our mentoring relationship was much appreciated. We feel honored to have gained such a tremendous amount of knowledge from J and his team on multi-­‐family properties and geographic parameters. We thank J for taking us on as clients. Our obtained knowledge is used daily – it definitely gave us a successful start to our growing business.
Steve and Genevieve Kiser

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